How to create a professional educational website with WordPress

How to create a professional educational website with WordPress


Do you own an educational institution and want to keep pace with the technical development that the world is witnessing at present by creating an educational website? It has become very important for any educational institution, whether it is a school, educational institute, college, or university, to have a website where it offers courses, publishes the latest news and updates about the institution, and makes students permanently connected with it.

The field of digital education has become one of the most important things that will shape the future of education in many countries of the world, as more and more educational institutions have already begun to move to digital education or distance education.

Especially after the lesson we got from the spread of the and forcing many educational institutions around the world to close their doors, and delaying millions of students from their studies.

Thinking about moving to the digital education system has become an inevitable necessity, in anticipation of any similar event in the future and in keeping with the technical development witnessed by the world today, where access to the Internet has become available and available to the vast majority of people.

So, every educational institution, no matter how small or large it is, must start working to find a place for it in the world of digital education, and at least every educational institution should create its website, whether this site is dedicated to publishing what is related to this institution or It provides courses and acts as an integrated e-learning platform.

In this explanation, we will learn about the best way to create a professional educational website, in an easy way and at the lowest possible cost.

How to create an educational website:

Choosing a suitable domain name to create a learning website:

The first step of creating an educational website is to choose the domain name or address that you will launch on your website, as every website on the Internet has a domain address that distinguishes it from other websites.

The domain address is what the user types in the browser bar to enter the website, such as

Where you have to think about the name that you will choose as the domain address for your website, and you can use the domain search tool below to help you choose the right domain address for you and make sure that the address you chose is available or that someone has mowed it before.

Once you have chosen the domain address that you want to use to create an educational website, we move on to the next step, which is to reserve the domain and get the best hosting to create a professional educational website with excellent specifications.

Domain reservation with reliable hosting:

Hosting is the place where all website data and files will be stored. It is a website that we subscribe to provide us with sting space for our new website. Hosting is very important for every website and it is one of the main components that must be provided to create a website. And all websites on the Internet depend on the hosting service.

Many websites provide good services and we here at WordPress in English recommend subscribing to HostGator hosting, as it is the number one hosting in the world in terms of tool power, ease of u, use, and economical price.

HostGator hosting is considered the st hosting for creating an educational website with high specifications and at an affordable price, as the cost of subscribing to HostGator hosting is very low, yet the hosting offers high-quality services and a lot of and when we come to HostGator Hosting Features: It is well-known hosting since 2002, and it is relied upon and trusted by more than 2 million websites around the world.

When subbing to HostGator hosting,  we will get our domain for free for a whole year. This saves us the cost of purchasing the domain and saves you the time and effort necessary to connect the domain with the hosting, as the connection will be done automatically and there is no need to do any step manually.

How to reserve HostGator hosting and activate the discount coupon:

To sign up for HostGator hosting in the right way, we go to  the official HostGator website from this link  (special discount 65% + free domain) and click on the  GET STARTED button

After that, we choose the hosting plan that suits the needs of our website (  the Hatchling plan   ), which is sufficient to create only one website.

In the first step,e choose the domain address that we want to get for free with HostGator hosting or link a domain address you already own.

In the second step, e define the hosting plan again and specify the hosting period, whether you want to subscribe for 6 months, one year, or three years.

In the third step, we add account information such as email, password, and a secret code consisting of four random numbers.

In the fourth step we add your personal information such as name, address, country, and phone number, and then add the electronic payment card data that we want to use to complete the registration process.

In the fifth step, we deselect all the additional services present in this step. They are additional services that we do not need at the moment and can be dispensed with to reduce the total hosting cost.

In the sixth step, we enter the discount code or coupon for  HostBasha, which offers you the largest possible discount from HostGator hosting.

Finally, we review the total cost of hosting and make sure to well and then agree to the terms of use of HostGator hosting and click on the  CHECKOUT NOW button o complete the hosting registration process.

WordPress is a free and open source platform for creating websites of all kinds, whether you want to create a personal blog, an educational website, an online store, a company website, or a gallery for your business, WordPress is the best platform that allows you to create a professional website easily in less than 5 minutes, without the need for any prior experience.

The WordPress platform is easy to handle and enables us to create a professional educational website easily and simply. It is no wonder if I tell you that more than 32% of the websites on the Internet work using WordPress, and this site you are reading now also has been Designed using WordPress.

WordPress is the best,  easiest most powerful, and most popular platform for creating an educational website, as the largest universities around the world use the WordPress platform to create the final websites on the Internet.

WordPress is installed in one click from within the hosting control panel, as HostGator will automatically install WordPress once you have signed up for HostGatorhostingn and click on the Start website creation button, and your website is ready for the next step, which is choosing a template Or a suitable theme for creating an educational website.

Install a responsive educational website template:

What distinguishes the WordPress platform is that it allows you to choose between thousands of templates or themes of different designs, which you can install and apply to your website with just one click from within the WordPress dashboard.

There is a WordPress template for designing a website of any kind, there is a template that allows you to create an e-magazine, a news website, an online store, or a personal blog, but in this case, we want to get the best WordPress template for creating an educational website.

You can see this list that contains a set of the best educational WordPress templates to create a professional educational website easily and as quickly as possible.

Install the addition of the course presentation and student registration:

If you want to create an educational website that displays courses and courses, and allows students to register and attend these courses, we will need to install a plugin in WordPress to help us in this matter.

Since WordPress is characterized by the ability to install plugins that add the required features and features to the WordPress site, if you want to create an educational website and add free or paid courses to the website and provide the possibility to subscribe to the site for students, we must install a specialized plugin in this matter.

Many WordPress plugins allow the creation of an educational website that works as an integrated e-learning platform, and these plugins are called Learning Management System or LMS for short, which is a WordPress plugin that we install and activate on the site, and this plugin will accomplish the rest tasks automatically.

Add Learn Press (Free):

If you are looking for a way to create an educational website at a low cost, then this plugin is the perfect solution for you, as it allows you to turn your WordPress site into a complete e-learning platform and the ability to publish educational courses on the site, and also allows you to manage and register students On the site in an organized and easy.

This add-on also allows you to communicate directly with students registered on the site, and it also supports the addition of WooCommerce, which we talked about a little while ago, which allows displaying and selling all kinds of products from electronic or paper books and others directly on the site.

Customizing the appearance of the site and adding sections and pages:

After we chose the domain address that we want to use to create an educational website, and then we booked the domain for free with the best hosting from HostGator, which in turn installed WordPress automatically on the site, and then we chose the best WordPress template Tutorial and install it on the site and then install the addition of publishing courses.

It is now time for us to add the basic pages that must be present on any website, as well as add different sections and categories to the website and design pages in an elegant, attractive d distinctive way.

Do not worry, anyone, no matter who is a beginner and who does not have experience in designing web pages can accomplish the task himself. 

As I mentioned to you at the beginning of this explanation, the WordPress platform is very suitable for people who do not have programming experience and want to have a professional website

First, we will install the WordPress page design plugin, which is a free plugin called (Elementor) that we search for in the Plugins section of the WordPress control panel and install and activate it on the site.

After installing the plugin successfully, we click on the (Pages) tab in the WordPress dashboard and then click on (New Page) to go to the page editor in WordPress, where we will give the page a suitable name and then click on Save and then we click on (Edit by).

The most important pages that must be available on any website, of course, are:

1- Home Page  The home page is the interface for your website and is the first page that your website users visit. Therefore, you should pay attention to designing the home page attractively and distinctively, and provide all the basic information about your website in an organized and concise manner.

2- Privacy Policy the website has a privacy policy, terms, and conditions, you must create a special page explaining these policies. If you are collecting data about students such as name, housing, contact information, and the purposes for which they are used This data is visible on the privacy policy page.

3- About Us page: You can write a full or brief overview of your educational institution on the About Us page, which is very useful and necessary to inform the user who is behind this website and what services it provides.

5- Contact us page users and visitors of your website must have the opportunity to communicate with you and give their opinions and suggestions about the website, where you can customize a specific email and use it to communicate with users and visitors on your website.

6- Terms of Use page: On this page, you can write all the conditions and rules that the user must abide by within your website, and they often include the most important terms that your site users must consider while browsing or using the website.

A final look at how to create an educational website:

In this explanation, we learned how to create a professional educational website using WordPress, where we learned that it is possible and easy for anyone to create the website they want using WordPress without the need to learn programming languages, just by dragging and dropping and by simple clicks Your dream website will be ready and at the lowest possible cost.

We learned how to choose a domain and how to get it for free by subscribing to HostGator hosting, which is the best hosting for WordPress sites, which offers the domain for free and installs WordPress automatically once you have signed up for hosting.

We also learned about a group of the best WordPress templates that help create an attractive and distinctive educational website with an elegant and tidy appearance. within the site.

Frequently asked questions about creating an educational website:

1- What is the best platform for creating an educational website?

Many platforms allow you to create an educational website, but most of these platforms are of course owned by other companies and people and it is not wise to rely on a company or another person to maintain your website, as this company may decide to stop providing its services in At any time and without prior notice.

Therefore, my advice to you is to rely on the WordPress platform, as it is a free and open source platform, and no one else can control your website, meaning that by using WordPress, you become 100% in control of your website and you can make all the changes you want free on your site.

The WordPress platform is also characterized by being easy to deal with and supports the English language very well, especially if this is your first experience creating a website, then the WordPress platform is your best choice, if you are looking for strength in performance, ease of use and low cost, do not hesitate and do Base on the WordPress platform.

2- What is the cost of creating an educational website?

The cost of creating an educational website varies depending on the platform you choose. While the cost of creating an educational website on some platforms is more than $1,000, the cost of creating an educational website using WordPress is much less than this amount, as all you have to get is hosting From HostGator for only $2.75 per month, you will get a free domain and WordPress will be installed for free and automatically, and a suitable free template can be used.

3- What are the requirements for creating an educational website?

Creating an educational website using WordPress only requires obtaining a hosting and a domain, alling WordPress on the hosting, and then obtaining an educational website template and your website is ready to start receiving students.

4- Why does every educational institution need to create a website?

Digital transformation has become an inevitable necessity, and the future of education depends greatly on the extent to which educational institutions keep pace with the great and continuous technical development that the world is witnessing at present in the number of students and ease of access to smart devices and the availability of Internet services, e-learning has become easier than ever. Ever.

Now it has become very important for any educational institution of any kind to have a presence on the Internet, whether that is by creating an introductory website for the institution or by creating an integrated educational website that serves all the purposes of distance learning for students and supervising them.

5- Is it possible to add paid courses to an educational WordPress site?

Yes, of course, educational courses can be easily added to your website, whether these courses are free or paid, and whether these courses are through video clips or audio recordings or PowerPoint slide presentations, articles, written explanations, and downloadable files.

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