Geely unveils the all-new Emgrand 2022.

Geely unveils the all-new Emgrand 2022

Gil is one of the largest and most important Chinese car companies, which owns a number of important car companies such as Volvo, Lotus and others. With the achievement of huge sales figures in all global markets in general. Especially in the Chinese market.

One of the most important and best-selling Geely cars is the English compact. Which made its debut in the year two thousand eight. Monthly planned sales of twenty thousand cars were achieved. A total of more than three million vehicles have been sold since its introduction.

Exterior design and the new building base at Geely mgrund Alvin and twenty-two

. Today Geely unveiled the fourth and serious generation of the alla from the amgrand. Which used an entirely new wheelbase known as BMA.

And the design language presented in all cars is a new generation. And inspired by the Saudi Volvo Car. This is shown by the large front grille with chrome inlays. And LED lamps and a more streamlined design of the front bumper. The athlete was evacuated by several measurements.

And chrome inlays around the windows and what became an LED backlight with a light strip extending the width of the luggage bag cover, and the car became the most streamlined in general, as the drag coefficient of the Dragon cone in Shen was reduced to

To zero interval twenty-seven in addition to lowering the center of gravity of the car to increase stability and control

. In addition to increasing the size of the car

. Where the new amgrada came with a total length of four thousand six hundred and thirty-eight millimeters

The width of one thousand twenty millimeters and the height of one thousand four hundred sixty millimeters. 

The design and interior fittings in the twenty-two thousand are completely new.

. From the inside, Emgrand got a completely new design in fashion

A luxury lender of the previous generation with a huge number of new equipment and technology such as a twelve-inch three-inch digital dashboard and a ten-inch center screen with a gku information system

Fast and sophisticated receives online updates. And voice command system assisted by artificial intelligence. Air-conditioned and automatic. With the provision of options for leather seats. And new safety equipment such as a three hundred and sixty degree camera and others.

The engine and power system of the all-new Geely amgrad Alvin and twenty-two

. As for the engine, two four-cylinder engines will be available in Chinese markets.

One and a half liters of normal breathing generates a power of one hundred and fifteen horsepower. One hundred forty-seven Newton meters of torque. With two transmission options

  • . The first is a five-speed manual

  • . The second btman is a dummy vector. With all-wheel drive option provided.

The price of the all-new Geely m grand two thousand and twenty-two

. Philly has not announced when the new M Gronda will be available on the global markets. Or the Gulf and Egyptian market. But it is expected that this will be done at the beginning of the New Year Two thousand twenty-two. And the price just starts on the Chinese market from eighty-seven thousand yuan. The equivalent of two hundred and twelve thousand Egyptian pounds. 

The all-new ID card for jelly m grand Alvin and twenty-two is completely new.

  • The engine is one and a half liters
  • The power is one hundred and fifteen horsepower.
  • The torque is one hundred forty-seven Newton meters.
  • Five-speed manual transmission ocvt
  • Front traction traction system. 
  • The price starts from eighty-seven thousand yuan.

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