Ulaa Browser by Zoho protects users' privacy and outperforms its competitors. How to download it


Zoho has launched a new web browser that it claims is superior to other browsers because it offers the best privacy and security features in addition to being super fast.

Zoho says on the site for its new web browser called Ulaa, "We believe that browsing the Internet does not mean losing your privacy. That is why we created a browser that respects your privacy, protects your personal data, and is designed to upgrade the way you work online."

Zoho is an Indian company that specializes in the manufacture of computer software and business tools on the Internet, and it is famous for its range of office applications, Zoho Office Suite.


Zoho says you don't allow other companies to track your activities in real life so shouldn't it be the same online? With zero in-browser monitoring and tracking blocking, a multi-level ad blocker protects you from privacy abuse and high-risk cybersecurity threats.


The new Ulaa Browser offers features such as anonymous statistics, a 24/7 security patch policy, protection against high-risk cybersecurity threats, automatic update for all platforms, automatic reset of browser identifiers, and geo-isolation of data.

Zoho says Ulaa provides state-of-the-art features that ensure your personal information is kept confidential and your online footprint remains hidden from the prying eyes of advertisers.

According to the company, the browser does not send any data to third parties and does not have motion tracking sensors or integration of third party accounts, in addition to other things that protect user data from advertisers.

Work Mode

It also features multiple browsing modes such as Work Mode, which helps increase productivity and focus at work by blocking distracting websites, and Developer Mode, which is designed especially for web developers and testers, and includes suggested add-ons to make your browsing experience smooth.

Personal Mode

The browser also offers Personal Mode, which provides standard privacy functionality such as secure logins and tracking prevention to maintain personal privacy online.

Kids Mode

And for kids especially, Ulaa comes with Kids Mode which provides a safe internet browsing platform for kids where they can browse, learn and discover relevant content.

speed and increase productivity

Zoho claims that other web browsers aren't designed for productivity but are different. Tired of sluggish browsers that do little to help you get things done? We've improved every aspect to help users be more productive and get more done in less time

And in this aspect, Ulaa Browser provides features that help in this, such as smart tab grouping, password manager, tab manager, screen capture, notes, multi-device sync, and smart control panel

ulaa browser download

It is noteworthy that the browser is now available for download for personal computers running Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, in addition to mobile devices running Android and iOS systems.

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