Google Pays Publishers for Paywalled Content with News Showcase


Google is set to launch a new product called Google News Showcase, in the
United States this summer that incentivizes news publishers to showcase their
content. This move is part of Google's efforts to support the media industry.

According to the Wall Street Journal. The  new service, called Google
News Showcase, allows publishers to select and present their stories on the Google News
app on Android and Apple devices. 

While the product has already been launched in over 20 countries since its
announcement in 2020, negotiations with some publishers in the US have been
challenging, delaying its release in the country.


US News Showcase Infographic / Google

Google is reportedly paying participating partners to provide limited access
to paywalled content for News Showcase users. This new system allows
publishers to choose their stories and present them on the Google News app.

In recent years, the tech giant has faced criticism from major news
organizations in the US for using their news content without compensating the
publishers. However, with the new system, Google is expected to pay over 150
news outlets in the United States.

Several countries around the world have passed or are considering legislation
to assist publishers in receiving payments from major tech companies,
including Google and Facebook, by increasing their revenue share by 0.37%.

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